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Products Nameú║automatic pet feeder   Modelú║THHL-2012

Dual Power Automatic Pet Feeder

  THHL-2012 Electronic Portion Control, Automatic pet feeder can store many different sizes, shapes and types of dry food. Its see-thru hopper lets you monitor the food level in a glance. The removable hopper has a large refill opening and is easily cleaned with warm soapy water and dry cloth.

    THHL-2012 Electronic Pet Feeder operates on either 3X D-size batteries or AC power adapter, auto switching by micro-processors, is an ultra energy efficient. It has a low voltage indicator on the LCD panel to indicate when to replace new batteries.

     This Electronic Pet Feeder can be used by all pet owners, large and small families, people with busy schedules, elderly and the handicapped to reduce their daily chore and continue to feed their dogs or cats, or diabetic pet at the appropriate time with preset quantity of food for weeks at a time. It is not recommended for moist foods.  

THHL-2012 Electronic Pet Feeder has so many features :
* Veterinarian recommended for diabetic pets, prevents over-eating, obesity, boredom, etc.
* Simply to set, easy to read the programming LCD panel.
* Can be kept anywhere in your home, complement to any room environment in your house.
* Pet ownerí»s record/play voice, to call the pet at meal time, total 3 times voice recall.
* Large LCD panel displays the Current time, meals programmed, portion per meal, battery status.
* Can be programmed to dispense portions from 1 cup to 12 cups, at 3 selected meals per day.
* See-thruí» Food Hopper holds approx. 8 liters of dry foods and can be monitored at a glance.
* Handles any ranges of dry food sizes/shapes/types, up to diameter 12mm.
* This food hopper can be as a storage compartment, is tight enough to keep food dry and fresh.
* Removable large mouth hopper refills simply, easily cleaned with warm soapy water and cloth.
* Powered by either 3X D size batteries or AC/DC power adapter, auto switching by micro-processors.
* A low battery indicator on LCD panel to indicate when to replace new fresh batteries.
* Assembled size 38 x 25 x 51 cm [USA: 15" x 10" x 20"]. Each in 4C print box 26 x 26 x 34 cm
   [USA: 10.2" x 10.2" x 13.4"], weight 2 Kg. Carton of 4 sets 54 x 28 x 70 cm [USA: 21.3" x 11" x
   27.5"], gross weight 8.6 Kg. One 20-feet container may load up to 1000 sets






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