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Pet Waterfall THHL-2011

Pet Waterfall THHL-2011

 Kudos Pet Waterfall for cats and dogs is recommended by pet trainers and vets.This Pet Waterfall adds oxygen, filters clear water, keeps the water deliciously cool, reduces bacteria and encourages your pet to drink more water.

       Water circulates through a replaceable bio-carbon-filter that removes contaminates, kills bacteria, improve taste. Use low voltage adapter for your pet safety. A most average size, ideal for all pets, will give them a fresh drink time to time.

 THHL-2011 is ideal for a single or multiple cats and dogs. This ultra-quiet purifying HL-2011 provides a gently flowing stream of naturally cool and oxygenated water. A replaceable bio-filter helps remove contaminates and odors. The filter should be cleaned or replaced every 20 to 30 days for use by one animal; multiple animal homes will require more frequently (old filter is still reusable after cleaning). Other highlights include a silent-running self-protect submersible pump and a ramp that reduces splashing and quiets running water. Its submersible pump, body and all other plastic parts should be cleaned by hand with mild dish soap. Hl-2011 can be assembled and disassembled easily even without the Manual.

Product benefits of THHL-2011:
* Provides the pet with fresh running water
* Provides stream of naturally cool, oxygenated water
* Activated bio-carbon filter ensures improved water quality, reduces bad smells and improves taste
* Suitable for multiple cats or small medium size dogs
* Encourages pet to drink more frequently
* Use low voltage power supply for your pet safety
* Silent running, best for pet which is sensitive to noise
* Solid colors: Pink, Sky blue, Glossy Black (optional)
* Most important: few of the many health benefits that fresh water provides to your pet are improved
  •    digestion and kidney function.
    Product specification of THHL-2011:
    * Size: 31.5 x 18.5 x 18 cm [USA: 12.4" x 7.3" x 7.1"]
    * Water storage: up to 2.5 liters [USA: 3.4 quart]
    * Unit weigh:0.85 Kilogram [USA: 2 pounds]
    * Shipping weight: 1 Kilogram [USA: 2.2 pounds]
    * Power supply: AC adapter 12V, 50Hz, 3 W [USA: 60Hz]
    * Filtration: Bio-carbon-filter, 5 pcs (reusable)
    * Inside package: Main unit + power adapter + 5 bio-carbon-filters + Manual
    * Box of 32 x 19 x 15 cm [USA: 12.6" x 7.5" x 5.9"], weight 0.9 Kg. Carton of
       6 sets 40 x 34 x 47 cm [USA: 15.7" x 13.4" x 18.5"], gross weight 5.4 Kg.
       One 20-feet container can load up to 2952 units.
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